Friday, August 27, 2010

Snap Shots

Here are some more snap shots from the summer.

tthe old church

the bronc rider


This photo was taken by Dani

The bee
This photo was taken by Dani

Kissing cousins
This photo was taken by Sister Three

The fountain and my adorable neice and nephew

This photo was taken by sister three

Moonlight sky

all photos not marked otherwise were taken by Sister Two

Bedtime stories

Bugsy from the movie Bedtime Stories with Adam Sandler
My son from the bedtime stories at the our houseThey could pass for doubles. Both adorable.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Summer time fun

What do you do for fun in the summertime?

My family goes to the lake on occasion to play in the sand

and to cool off in the water
(we are lucky we have friends with fun toys)

For the most part we support our local 4H program and the county fair.
The girls favorite project is showing livestock--especially cattle!
My oldest earned a Reserve Champion ribbon for British Breed Cattle

and my youngest earned a Grand Champion Junior Showman Ribbon
and a new cattle halter.

What did you do for fun this summer??