Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sugar Beet Harvest

Sugar Beet Harvest started about 3 weeks ago for us.
This tractor defoliates the beet plant. (cuts the tops off).

Then the digger will lift the beet out of the ground, and
load onto the beet cart. The carts let the semi trailers
stay on the edge of the field.

The cart driver pulls alongside the waiting semi
and empties the load into the trailer

Once the trailer is properly loaded it heads the 35 miles to town,

where the sugar factory is located.

Harvest is a slow process, since you have to wait for trucks

to return to load again. Hopefully we will be done in the

next week and the radio just announced a chance of snow on Monday.

That really slows down harvest.

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Mardell said...

It really wouldn't be harvest time without a little bit of bad weather.