Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fairy Town

My super over-achiever friend Julie inspired (guilted) me with the cool fairy garden she made with her girls for a contest on the Magic Onion blog.  

 So I thought I'd give it the ol' slacker mom try and throw something together with my kids in case any fairy folk happened to be passing through the neighborhood.

We broke out the toadstools and even planted some creeper moss for our little fairy friends. Of course that was a month ago, and those fairies forgot to water it, so now their lawn is looking a little parched. I guess they were off chasing bedbugs or fireflies or whatever it is they do, sadly neglecting their watering duties.

Fortunately, the extensive collection of lavender that was planted is still hanging on.

What fairy house would be complete without a nice little outdoor shower? We picked up those ebony stones from a local gnome, who pretty much raked us over the coals with the markup. Nothing else really complimented the abalone tub, so we had to fork over a fist full of coins for those babies.
The real downside with this property is that it is on well water, which is fine if you don't mind a bunch of sand in your sink every time you run the tap. But I think most city fairies prefer regular plumbing--and don't even ask me about the septic system. What a nightmare.
 Once we got started I realized what we really needed around this place were some laundry fairies.

Sadly, our laundry pile is as big as ever.

On the bright side, the kids had a blast and now we're entered into the contest. Maybe we'll win something like a fairy kitchen. Someone keeps sneaking into ours and leaving the fridge open.


Woodland Fairy Village said...

The little potted plants and mini extras really made this garden sparkle. Great article.

Sister One said...

I love your fairy garden! I'll bet you guys had a blast. It's so nice to see a post up .... maybe I'll be able to squeeze in a few minutes now that math class is over and the project is about done.

magicandmiracles said...

Wow! Sooo cute and so much inspiration - I'm starting a gnome village for my son soon.