Friday, September 24, 2010

Bean Harvest

Harvest 2010 is in full swing.
The carefully planted crops have grown and
now are ready to be harvested.
The farmer wakes up in the early morning hours to
cut and wind row the dry edible beans plants.
He might even beat the dairy farmer up on
these mornings.
The beans need to be dry enough to run
through the combine.
Once he determines they are ready
the farmer fires up the combine and heads into the field.

The windrows of beans are picked up by
the header and fed through the combine.

The beans stay in the bin on the combine,

and the pods are shot out the back.
Bean harvest is very dusty and dirty.

Once the combine bin is full and a semi trailer is waiting

The farmer will pull alongside the semi trailer,
unload the bin onto the trailer.

When the combine breaks down for whatever reason,

it makes a great backdrop for a family picture.

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