Monday, April 19, 2010

On the Bright Side

As I mentioned yesterday, I had planned to run to the
Evil Empire and buy beastie food, get some gas 
and then clean up my raised beds

and rototill my beloved garden spot.

 Not that it needs it or anything.

I really think school shouldn't start until the first of October.
Then I might get my garden cleaned off in the fall.
Yeah, and pigs might fly.

At any rate, I had decided to expand my garden this year.
I spent most of January drawing out plans on graph paper.
This area is going to be an additional garden space.

Hey!  I can hear you snorting.

The canine crew has already starting the clearing for me.

I figured a little gas and a box of matches and voila' ....
garden space.

Anyone have a fire retardant suit I could borrow?

Maybe it was the plan to torch the weeds that caused divine intervention.

Instead of firing up the rototiller

(doesn't it look forlorn?)

we spent the morning at the emergency room.

I wanted to try it anyway when we got home, but
the more sensible of the two of us convinced me to call
Sister Two and arrange a visit at our aunt's house instead.

I'm glad I listened.
Trey's growing like a weed.

This is the little guy when he was about seven hours old
(okay, give or take ten hours) ----

and now this is him at seven weeks!

I even let Mardell have a turn at holding him.

We enjoyed a very pleasant supper at the new restaurant:

I learned that you can't go anywhere with a small baby quickly.
Everyone has to ooh and aah over him ..... and why not?
He's darn cute.

Of course it doesn't help that Sister Two knows everyone and their dog!

The afternoon was over before we knew it and it was back to the Bluffs
to prepare for another week at the grindstone.


Anonymous said...

As the 'favorite' aunt I so enjoyed the Sunday afternoon visit and thank you for supper Trudy. The neat thing about Trey is I get to see everyone more often!

Traci said...

I just want to remind you of one thing. . . does the word "tumbleweeds," ring a clear bell? Just thought I might mention that before the gas is poured and the match is struck. hehehe