Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Question Tuesday

As I was digging through my boxes in the storage room looking for all my Christmas decorations to put out.

  1. I was amazed/horrified at the amount of stuff I have crammed into that room.

  2. I was like a little child going through all the boxes looking for lost treasure/junk.

  3. I wondered out loud how we would ever dispose of all the lost treasure/junk if we ever moved?

But then I stumbled upon a box that had various sizes of video in it. I wondered if this was the lost video of daughter number one. When she was so tiny just learning how to walk, and how to share her corn on the cob with her favorite dog duchess. A video worthy of a spot on America's Funniest Videos.

I quickly went and dusted off the VCR and put in the first tape and relived the first days of her life. I soon realized that this wasn't the lost tape but it brought back so many forgotten memories of her younger days. We watched as a family as she learned to crawl, walk and talk.

It was time to move on the smaller cassette tapes which required daughter number two to retrieve the video camera as we have no player for the smaller tapes. I soon remembered why I quit using the camera. You can watch video on the TV but not able to see through the view finder any longer. We watched about five hours of both girls learning how to do many things, playing with the cousins, friends and each other.

I was surprised at how many little things the girls did then that I had forgotten about.

Fast forward to 2010, I have been taking some video of Trey on my Kodak camera. Just a minute shot here and there, as that is all it is able to do. I decided after watching all the video I need to invest in a new camera so these moments were not lost with Trey.

  1. First Question: What kind of video camera do you recommend? Best places to purchase such camera?
  2. Second Question: Is there some sort of program to transfer the VHS and 8mm (I think that is what they are called) tapes to DVDs?

Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated. In the meantime I will finish Christmas decorating and looking for the lost video tape.


Ruth said...

My cousins had some 8mm films converted to VHS, and had it done by a camera shop. I'm not sure about converting to DVD, but there must be someone out there who has figured out how to do that.

Mary said...

I have the Sony Handycam. It uses an HD card. Video is really good, and easy to hook up to the TV to watch. Not too bad on the price, got mine at Best Buy. It has a 60x zoom which is great for sporting events. You can also take still pics with it.