Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Faires & Fairies

This month brought Faires and Fairies. Every year the school has a big May Faire with frolicking Maypole dancers, puppet shows, and ponies and things.

The little kids were enchanted by the eighth grade May Pole dancers. It's probably one of the few times a mom can be proud to see her daughter dancing around a pole.

 Anderson was so jealous of the kindergartners because they got to sit underneath the pole while the big kids danced around them.  I thought he might make a break for the field, but Dad was able to distract him with a shoulder ride.

 Check out the awesome crown that the gnomes left for him for his birthday party at school. I have a feeling his teacher helped the gnomes out a little because she is totally crafty and amazing. I want to be a kid again so I can be in her  class.

I can't tell you the number of bubbles-in-the-face I had to endure before I finally caught this picture.

After we got home, Isabella noticed that her tooth was hurting and we realized she had her first wiggly tooth. It kind of made me want to cry. When it finally fell out a few days later I was surprised by the amount of blood involved. Somehow I blocked that part of the loose tooth drama out of my childhood memory bank.

The tooth fairy was so lame that she forgot all about the tooth until about five minutes before the kids were waking up. I blame it on Mapquest. That thing always gives screwy directions. Fortunately, she found our house and was able to swoop in just in time.


Sister One said...

I laughed and laughed at your comment about a mom being proud of a pole dancer!

SisterTwo said...

The tooth fairy has forgotten to visit on our house on time... more than once. Partly because mom forgets what glass of water has the tooth in it, and she always dumps it with that nights dishes. Making it impossible for the tooth fairy to find, but she always makes up for it with extra $$$$$.