Thursday, October 22, 2009

October Birthdays

The Three Sisters (and a cat) are still alive!

With school starting up again Sister One has stayed busy with her students.

Sister Two has been keeping up with her brood and turning 40.

Sister Three lives in California and is always on an exciting adventure.

But two weekends ago, Sister one and Sister Three wanted to surprise

Sister Two (me) for my 40th birthday.

They ambushed me by showing up on my door step.

Sister Three had forgotten how cold Nebraska

is in the fall, as we had a recent snow fall.

October is a busy birthday month for our family.

My oldest daughter, myself and Sister Three all celebrate birthdays within

a week of each other. But my kind sisters and mom wanted to make

my birthday extra special, since it was the big 40!

They all went together and purchased me a brand new

Nikon 40 camera with lenses! Needless to say I was speechless and

extremely excited!

What great use I will get out of this camera, as both daughters are active in sports and 4-H. Then in March we will be adding another addition on to our family with a new baby!!

Life is full of surprises as is turning 40!

So I have taken the camera out a couple of times and as you can see

I still need lots of practice.

I snapped some Sandhills Cranes in the field south of the ranch

Then I captured some images from the corn field

and the guys chopping corn earlage to feed to the cattle this winter.

I'm sure I will get better with practice

Daughter two snapped this picture of the sunset.

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Sue said...

At last! What a surprise. Enjoyed the pitures - keep it up.