Sunday, November 8, 2009

Amazing Race

I love Sundays.

Besides being good for catching a nap, this is the
night that the Amazing Race is on.

I dream of participating in it.

Mary and I went so far as to submit an entry the
season that they were looking for families.
I think Jamal must have been all of ten years old!

We designed really cool t-shirts to wear for our video.

That pretty much sums it up, doesn't it?

But wait, our creativity didn't stop there ....

Our true wit and humor is displayed on the back of my shirt.

The very bottom line reads:

Did we mention modest?

They should have chosen us on the basis of our shirts alone!

We would make a pretty incredible team.

I am geographically challenged, but Mary can look at a map and have it committed to memory.  She can go some place once and remembers every detail of the route to and from.  I can pull into a Burger King and struggle to get back on the right interstate!

My strength would be my lead foot.  It's no secret that I like to drive fast. 

When we go to Colorado to visit Mary and the kids, Mardell always calls to let them know that we have left town.  Mary always asks who's driving, so she knows whether to expect us 45 minutes earlier than the drive would typically take .... or 45 minutes later,
as seems to be the case if Mardell drives.

I'd have trouble putting up with some of the other teams.  I am very slow to warm up to people, but Mary can talk to anyone ... about anything. She can talk to someone and they have no clue she thinks that they are a moron.  Me, there's no doubt that's what I think. 

I think we'd both be pretty devious though.  I'm scared to death of heights, but I can usually force myself to do stuff involving heights and I love adrenaline pumping activities.  I'm not really sure about some of the food challenges though.  They eat some pretty gross stuff.  Makes Mom's green bean casserole look tame.

Every season there is a team that I root for
and one that I can't wait to see be eliminated.

I can't stand whiners and the chick who wouldn't go down
the water slide in the sixth leg of the race took the cake.
I had wanted them off since the premiere.


I don't know what her problem was.
It's only six stories tall and you go through a tube of sharks.
Sounds like fun to me.

Naturally I am pulling for the Harlem Globetrotters.
They've been my favorite basketball team since Grandad Jiggs took me to see them live.
Of course that was back when Curly and Meadowlark was on the team!

I also liked the Poker Chicks, but Mary didn't.  I was sorry to see them go.

I can't wait to see what happens tonight!


Mary said...

That hay road block last night would have been a hard one...but being the 'farm girls' that we are it would have been no issue for one of us to get through it. I, too wish we could do this. Blowing up things....being devious....directing you through the world as you drive so fast it scares me....ahhhh that would be the life!

Traci said...

You scared of high places? Excuse me, did I miss something all those years ago when we used the porch roof to launch off of? I remember that was why I always had to push you off the roof.
b-(^~^)-d Look what a good friend I was...I was preparing you for this race!!

I do hope that you give it another shot at trying out for the show. It would be a hoot to see what is written all over your face when some whiny butt boo hoos. Mary, I can imagine the look on your face if Trudy is driving on the autobahn of Germany!!! No speed limits would be right up her alley! wheeeee!!!