Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cat Naps

Sundays were meant for napping ....

... and our feline population has this activity down pat!

The most popular nap spot is, of course, on a bed.

Especially if there is a micro-fiber blankie to stretch out on ---

This is Roscoe, our 22 pound bruiser.

Of course, sleeping alone is no fun.

Clarice and Baggy also like the snuggly micro-fiber blankie.

Dos likes my quilt.  He can usually be found laying on it.

Of course, if you look at him from another angle, you'll
notice that he's not alone either!

That big black blob behind him is actually our largest pussycat!

Goliath isn't very understanding when I refuse
 to share my pillows with him at night!

Lily prefers to sleep on whatever shirts or jackets I have on the sewing center.

It's a good thing that Mardell is cat-napping as well ---

 --- otherwise, Little Sneak might be in big trouble!

Nothing like a nice comfy, quilting machine to sleep on.

We round out the afternoon of naps with the old man, 
our eighteen year old relic, and Zeda, our one-eyed wonder.

They enjoy the sunbeams that stream in the picture window.
Or at least they would if the sun would ever return.

That accounts for everyone except Trey.
(we named our cat long before Sister Two named their baby)

He didn't come home last night and we haven't seen
hide nor hair of him all day.

That usually doesn't bode well.

This is his favorite nap spot ---
but of course, that's after consuming an
eighteen pound brined turkey!


Mardell said...

Really now, am I the only one that likes cat-naps??

Mary said...

well need to get a picture of Trudy napping so it can be posted too!!

Ruth said...

I LOVE cat naps but haven't had many lately. These photos just tended to make me a tad jealous!