Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Trey's a Charm

Flash back nine months ......

If you will recall, Sister Two was anticipating the big 4-0 and Sister One helped celebrated the milestone by providing 40 gag gifts for the 40 days preceding the big day.

Sister One was ecstatic when she found this mug at a garage sale:

.... and then Sister Two calls and breaks the news that she was both!  

We've had many good laughs over that.

Lots has happened in the past nine months besides Sister's Two's feet disappearing .... 
Sister Two had her gall bladder removed after several severe  attacks and scares,
Mom unexpectedly died after moving in with Sister One (the two events were totally unrelated), and then a few weeks ago, Uncle Jake died as well.  It was more than anyone should have to deal with .... much less while being pregnant, but Sister Two did it with grace and aplomb.

The past week has been especially hard and Sister Two was quite ready for Baby Carter to enter the world, but he proved to be a stubborn little cuss (we're sure that comes from the Carter side of the family) and refused to make his way into the world.  Hitting a washed out road and deploying the side air bags in their fancy new pick-up didn't even scare him out!  

But finally, last night he made his much anticipated appearance.

Meet Trey Allen Carter, born on March 1 at 11:57 p.m.
7 pounds 8.1 ounces
20 1/4 inches long

I could hardly wait for school to be over today so that I could go up and make sure that Sister Two was truly okay.  She assured me that she was, but I needed to see it with my own eyes.

Now, those of you who know me know that I couldn't really give a rip about babies .....
unless they are the furry variety with four legs, a tail and a wet nose!

However, Trey is different for some reason.
He's beautiful and absolutely perfect.

He is a calm, quiet little guy and I swear he is already grinning.
I know, I know, babies don't smile .... and that it's just gas.
This little guy is smiling.

And why not?
He already has a huge fan base.

Niece One looks pretty pleased with him.

Frog Legs showed up and immediately wanted to take him from me.
I was more than a little reluctant to let him go ... which was VERY uncharacteristic of me!

Keith's parents both came up to visit as well, 
so needless to say, the little guy wasn't lacking for attention!

Keith is just as tired as Katie is, and yet he looks great.
Euphoria will do that for you.  

I think he'll be happy to get his family home and settled.

If Trey turns out half as good-looking and half as nice as his dad,
Sister Two will have her hands full when he is a teen-ager!  

Welcome to the family Trey!


nicki said...

Yaayyyy! Great pics! katie you look awesome! Can't wait to meet him this summer!

Ruth said...

Congrats to everybody, and welcome home Trey! Glad everything is ok :)

Mary said...

Hey Katie....I can give you some pointers on the good looking teen age son when the time comes! I too can't wait to see him!! Congrats to you all!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all of you, can't wait to meet him in person. Trey is already a very lucky young man to have all of you in his life.
Best wishes, Sandi

Jaala said...

Congratulations!! What a wonderful addition to your family!!