Friday, June 4, 2010

While you are waiting for me to write something brillant,
I thought I would share more of my favorite photos.

Just a random photo of one of the ranch horses.

One of the 4-H lambs.

One of the 4-H steers peeking out of the window of the barn

A pink water lillly.

This plant comes back every year and still blooms.

I like this picture of the fish because the water is so clear.

I have had the same fish for about five years now,

and they are still thriving.

It's not so clear today, my alagae fighting stuff is in enroute

to rid the pond of the green slime.

I'll post before and after pictures next week.

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Nicki Orser: said...

ooh! i didn't notice there was a new post. esp. love the horse pic!!