Monday, May 17, 2010

Random Photos

My family gave me a wonderful present when I turned 40,
a new Nikon camera.

I have just recently begun to learn how to use it.

An old barn tucked in a corner of the farm.

Wild flowers or weeds?

Water babbling down Snake Creek

All the recent rains have left Snake Creek flowing.

The bone dry Kilpatrick Lake now has water back to the trees!

We are excited about this development.

Although the drought has left some interesting tree formations

and my favorite

and my present to my family when I turned 40,


warning: my next post may contain 300 pictures of daugter # 1 throwing shot and discuss, daugter # 2 singing in the school play, and my baby boy just being cute.


sister 3 said...

OOOhhhh Katie, these are awesome!!! I looove barns and flowers and streams!! I esp. love pics of sweet baby nephews. (and nieces too!!) sorry for all of the exclamation points!

Sister One said...

Yay! Pictures from the farms of the two sisters. Gotta love it. People have been clamoring for pics of the new baby (who isn't so new anymore)!