Sunday, May 16, 2010

Living Dangerously

When someone hollers at you, "Quick! A baby skunk!"

It's hard to know which way to run. Yes, you've heard the horror stories. Yes, you're low on tomato juice. Yes, it's insane.

But if like me, you've never seen a fuzzy, cute, adorable baby skunk before, you have to run toward the skunk.

When your husband assures you that "Baby skunks don't spray" and "Don't worry, we're down wind, they can't smell us." You might want to say "Are you *&$*%()** crazy?"

But only if you are one of The Three Sisters, raised by a wannabe sailor mom.

Fortunately, no photographers were harmed in the making of this blog, but it's a regular Mutual-of-Omaha-Wild-Kingdom around here:

Mr. (or Mrs.) Snake is back, living in our bush--or possibly beneath our house.
Visions of Porky's 3 flash into my mind, when I think about a snake slithering around beneath our house, near our pipes, etc.

I've been reassured by several facebook friends that this California King is helpful and docile, and even eats other snakes. So that's a good thing.

Now I see why my sisters love the country. Everywhere we turn, new little spring critters are arriving or waiting to arrive.

In our chicken coop:

It's hard to see the eggs because they're so tiny. Our chickens aren't big fans of their coop, but this little swallow ((?) I'm not sure, I'm no bird expert) seems to have made herself at home.

And another nest appeared on our back fence:

Anyone know what these are?? I googled them and someone had posted a picture of similar looking eggs by a northern mockingbird.

And I think I already posted this one. Maybe from a kildeer?

I had to post it again because they are so cool!! Eggs are amazing!! Yay Spring!


Anonymous said...

Blue eggs are robin eggs??
I really can't believe you walked towards the baby skunk. Just make sure the kids know not to check them out. Not only do they spray they also can carry rabies.

nicki said...

Definitely--I'm keeping the kids away. (also, i had a super duper zoom lens for the skunk pics. I'm not that brave.)

I wondered if they might be robin eggs too. I'll have to keep an eye on the birds hopping along the fence and see which ones hang out near the nest.