Sunday, May 2, 2010

Just to make my sisters jealous (Part 1)

I strolled out to the ol' garden the other day and found some juicy ripe strawberries, just waiting to be picked.

ok, some of them look a little funky in this picture, but we had to pick a little early because some kind of garden critter keeps eating them. Not even the whole berry, he just hops along sampling a bit out of every berry.

Here's my nod to pioneer woman, with a little smoothie recipe for all of you to emulate at home.

How to make a smoothie.

1. move to California.

2. go out to the garden and pick a bowl full of strawberries.

3. put them in blender.

4. add a banana.

5. Add some milk. (I'm doing a dairy-free thing, so I added Rice Milk.)

I have a bunch of smoothie recipes that recommend uing tofu. I'd never tried it before, so I figured we'd give it a shot.
6. throw in a little tofu. (not the firm kind.) You might need a permit to use tofu if you are a U.S. citizen, but not a California resident. Check your local and state ordinances to ensure you are in compliance before proceeding with step 6.

7. Add some ice and blend.
If you have small children in the home, be sure to emphasize the importance of putting the lid on BEFORE pushing the button.
(why is this concept so difficult to grasp?)
8. Enjoy!!
PS here's the other awesome thing we found in our garden!!!


Sister One said...

Sister One is definitely jealous! But only of the strawberries .... not the rice milk or the tofu ...

Mary said...

In cold, possibly snowing by morning Colorado we make smoothies by (1) getting in car (2) driving to Inta-Juice and (3) drinking said smoothie! hee hee This prevents to mess of the lid-less blender too!