Sunday, June 12, 2011

Puppy Love

It's true that I think the best smell in the whole 
world is puppy breath.

I go out of my way to find puppies.
Show and Tell is always good for 
a couple of pups every year.

This year was no exception.

I met this one and was a goner.

The kids had named her Vanelope, 
but we renamed her Latte.

You know the old saying, "when it
rains it pours"?

About six months ago, we had adopted Ginger,
 a Papillion-cross who had to be caught in a live trap.
She was scared to death of people and 
her first placement was upset because she 
wouldn't warm up to them.
Naturally she was house-broken, spayed and
had all her shots, but very shy.

She finally decided that Mardell was okay
but she refused to have anything to do with me.

She blessed us while I was gone ....



I am in puppy heaven!

Especially since Ginger lets me hold her pups.

I'm just sorry that I have to go to Grand Island for Math!


Ruth said...

So will you be keeping all of the new babies, or are you looking for potential adoptive parents? I know someone who might be willing to help out with that...... :)

Sister One said...

No, we aren't keeping them so any adoptive parents would be most welcome. You aren't speaking of yourself for a buddy for Buddy and Tigger(is that right) are you?

Ruth said...

The thought did cross my mind. Maybe I AM out of my mind!!

sister 2 said...

oh my gosh! so cute!!

Traci said...

Oh my gosh they are adorable!! Do you have money on that comment about not keeping them? We, who know you well, know that those little critters are gonna runaway with your heart and your mind! =oD lol!!!

I love Latte!! What a gorgeous animal you have in her!!