Monday, September 5, 2011

We Love New York

We took a little trip to the Big Apple. It was totally different than I expected. I thought people would be really mean because my friend told me when her mom went to New York, a bunch of people yelled at her while standing in line at Dunkin' Donuts because she was taking too long to decide. I purposely avoided Dunkin' Donuts for that reason.

Here are a few shots we took while walking around:

Trump is like everywhere in New York.

 We spent a little time on Park Avenue.

  What's up with those weird steam things?

   We're all happy and well-rested here since no one jumped on our heads at 6 am.

This was my favorite part. I love Danielle Radcliffe. He's so cute.

Broadway was rubbing off on Andrew and he started doing a little singing in the rain.

My feet are extremely wet in this picture.

 What I really needed was a good foot back rub.
I think I need one of those right now too.

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Sister One said...

I was wondering how New York was --- glad you posted. It's been forever since we've had anything on. Hoping Sister Two writes up their state fair experience.