Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bi-Annual Visitor

I have written a lot about the beasties that share our lives,
but I tend to write more about the dogs.

Our most popular post of our blog since we began writing 
way back in 2008 was about our cat crew.

About once a week somebody does an internet search
and then clicks on 

This is Trey, one of Willowby's (now Mama Kitty) kittens
all stretched out after his indulgence.

He disappeared about a year ago 
and showed up in late July or early August.

We had decided that coyotes had gotten him,
but evidently he had found better digs elsewhere.

After a few days he disappeared again just as
quickly as he had appeared.

Two nights ago he popped through the pet door
as if he owned the place and had never been gone.

I have no idea who we are sharing ownership with,
but he seems content to let us know that he is still
alive and well.  

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