Sunday, January 18, 2009

Christmas Toy

Mary gave me Adobe Photoshop Elements for Christmas.

I have been so good and refrained from doing nothing but play with photos ... until today.

I actually did a load of laundry today.  
I figure that was my quota and I was entitled to play.
That and the fact that I'm home alone. 

So who cares if I spend eight hours 
experimenting with the different aspects of the program?!


Here is Benny again, straight out of the camera.


Here is a warmer version.  

My camera tends toward the cooler colors.
But hey, cute is cute.


This is the Shepard Fairey look -- toned way down.

Probably wouldn't create the response that the Obama Hope poster did.
Especially plastered all over as graffiti art.


He might make it as a black velvet painting 
sold in a dusty parking lot full of potholes.

Nah, it just makes him look schizoid.
This is the watercolor filter.
I dare say that if Grandma Lou was still alive, 
she could paint his portrait much better than that.

Are you bored out your mind yet?
Then why are you still reading this?!
Here he is through a shower door.
It's the ocean ripple effect.
The mosaic look ---
perfect for a garden stepping stone.


Finally, in black and white.

Yep, I have way too much time on my hands.

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