Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mt. Laundry

I had a brainstorm today, but since I never, ever 
want to run a business again someone else is welcome to my idea.

It came about because of Mt. Laundry.
This is one pile of 112.  Really.

I'm trying to turn Mt. Laundry into neatly folded piles.

Disregard the bottom left corner ---- 
that's my latest project for a certain niece's birthday.

I hate doing laundry.

For that matter, I hate housework in any shape or form.

On Fridays, we can wear jeans to school.
Naturally I didn't have any clean ones, so I did the only logical thing there was to do.  I drove to the Evil Empire and bought a pair.  Just as I usually buy underwear and socks before I leave town for any sort of trip.

That got me to thinking.  Wouldn't it be cool if there was a membership store that rented clothes?  A person could pay a yearly membership fee and then go in once a week and pick out the clothes you want to wear for the week.  They'd outfit you with a hamper to put them in at the end of each day and then you take them back and they launder and press them and you pick out the next week's clothes. 

I'd be more than willing to pay $10 for a day's rental for an outfit. You would have a multitude of outfits to choose from, so you wouldn't have to wear the same things over and over.  If you had a big meeting, you could pick out something classy without having to lay out a big wad of money for something you'll only wear a few times.

They could charge a deposit for damages. Let me know who decides to do it and I'll be your charter member!

Then I'd only have the underwear piles to deal with and that wouldn't be so bad.

Then I could spend more time quilting.

Oh wait, that hasn't stopped me.
Here's my latest mariner's compass block.


I like the black background.  Mardell found me a black and purple batik that I'm going to use for this purpose.  It should be here this week.  I've been pleased with how these practice blocks have gone, so I've decided to go ahead and put a quilt together. 

Now I just have to figure out what to do with it.  
Pink and purple aren't exactly in my color scheme.

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Mary said...

You know pink and purple ARE my color scheme though! :-)