Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

2009 couldn't be complete without a few more embarrassing moments for my sisters. But because my new year's resolution is to try to be a nicer person, I didn't pull out the big guns.

Also, I know Trudy will retaliate.

So here is a quick reminder of days gone by and a few before and afters just for fun.

2010 is sure to have many highs and lows, but it is not likely to surpass the style-high of the decade, the trend that never caught on, but definitely should have:

The era of the purple star pants.

And it seems like only yesterday that these scrappy sisters were fighting one minute, hugging the next.

Oh wait, it was yesterday.

One has to wonder what kind of excitement 2010 will bring . . .

Cross-country flights?

Auspicious celebrations?

Orangutan look-alike contests?
Our (six) readers will have to decide who the winner is.

But wherever the new year takes us

Crowded airports

Or wide-open spaces,

hospital waiting rooms

or other places,

know that we are wishing you the happiest of new years!


Mary said...

Wow.....I wish I had pants like those star ones!

Sister One said...

When I started reading this post, I just knew that Sister Three was going to kill Sister Two for posting that picture of the purple star pants and then I get to the bottom and realize that Sister Three did that to herself.

What fashion sense!

Traci said...

Actually I think sister three had a patriotic moment....stars and stripes! Don't you just love the 70's and 80's? I am soooo glad that those days are over...oh wait, I am getting closer to the red hat era...lord help me!!