Saturday, December 31, 2011

What's One More?

About three or four weeks ago Sister Three called me and asked if I would consider taking a dog that was a known biter.  She knew that we had experience with a biter and she was hopeful that we could keep the dog from being put down

.  She sent me a picture because she knew that I'd be a goner.

I was a goner once I saw this grin.
This picture was taken by Stephanie Rausser, a world famous photographer.
Sister Three is the office manager for Stephanie and heard of Harry through her.

Sister Three is convinced that I am on my way to becoming a "dog whisperer".
I do have a way with animals and dreamed of becoming a vet when I was in grade school, but I don't think I'm necessarily a whisperer .... although I do whisper my hopes and dreams in their ears as we're cuddling in a chair.  Does that count?

At any rate, I talked to my better half and her response was, "What's one more?"
 so I emailed Sister Three and she set the wheels in motion.

We met Harry's family in Cheyenne yesterday. 
They drove him to us.  Can you believe that?

 That is true devotion on their part.

After a tearful parting, we headed home.

The beasties didn't quite know what to make of our newest member.
After lots of sniffing and checking each other out, they have all decided that
Harry is okay and have started to try to play. 

He is still a bit overwhelmed and doesn't want to play yet, 
but he went hiking with me this morning.

Yesterday, somebody found my geocache, but reported that the coordinates were
450 feet off.   I figured Chip or Maybelle had carried off the container, so
Maybelle, Harry and I set out to find it.

We checked out the first stage of my multi-cache and it was securely
 in place just as I had left it.  We trudged on to the second and final stage.

Along the way Harry startled a heron, which in turn perplexed him.

We found the cache and  put it in it's rightful place.
 Then we hiked to the end of the pasture.

It was beginning to snow a bit, but nothing to speak of.

We got to the end of the pasture just as the wind came up and the snow let loose.
We headed for home and Harry was content to trot beside me.

About halfway home he began to frantically pull at his leash.

I had to jog to keep up with him.
The wind was howling and I didn't hear my better half calling my name,
 but Harry did and he hurried me right along.

He's definitely going to be a great addition to the family.


Cris Potmesil said...

Awesome. :)

nicki said...

i think harry will be really happy there! I was worried that it would be too cold for him but since that breed is from tibet it won't be so bad. so cute!!

Mardell said...

Harry is so easy to fall in love with and his awesome eyes really get your attention.

stephanie rausser said...

harry looks so happy. we feel so wonderful about you and mardell taking harry and making him a part of your family. Please keep posting photos of him on your blog when you can because it is soo great to be able to still know him and see him in pics even if we cannot get some of his amazing cuddles and see some of his quirky behaviours. He was (is) such a smart and funny dog and I will miss him forever but I will say it is so much less stressful to not have a biting dog in our home. We returned home on new year's eve and at the strike of midnight we tore down all of the additional fencing at our gate (fencing we had there out of fear he was going to get out and bite someoene) and living that way had gotten really hard - for all four of us. thank you thank you thank you!!!