Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Orser update

Long time no write!! Just a quick note to say hi and fill you in on the haps in good ol' Sac Town.
We started school a few weeks ago and have been

up to our necks in laundry, and very sandy laundry at that. 
Anderson is enjoying some sister-free time, although he isn't very happy leaving her at school in the morning. He is especially attached to Isabella's friend Maya.  I'm assuming they'll get married some day, but we'll have to keep you posted.

Andrew found an old fish kite in the garage which has provided many hours of entertainment.

We took a little trip to China Town a few weeks ago and wasted five dollars on a pair of parasols that lasted exactly seventeen minutes. (It's always nice to get your money's worth.)

The kids were digging the train. We took the BART into the city from Hayward or Richmond or somewhere--I've blocked the memory from my mind. There's nothing like maneuvering four toddlers, two double strollers, and a diaper bag or two up an escalator and through a turnstile. (I have no idea how to spell that word. Is it even a word? I'm from nebraska, we don't have turnstiles there, we have autogates.) Still, it's great to have a little excitement now and then.

Other than that, we've just hung around the water areas at the park, trying to keep cool. I'm definitely looking forward to fall-- my faaaavorite time of year!!!

Although, I'm looking forward to Spring even more this year!!! Can't wait until March!


Sister One said...

Great pics! I'm with you about looking forward to March. Nothing like a new little leprechaun to look forward to!

mom said...

Me too!! Love the pics. Somebody got a first? haircut??

SisterTwo said...

You guys do the neatest things!
So how long did it take to bury Isabella in the sand?

I love the picture of Isabella in China Town, and Anderson flying the kite. He has quite the hat on. Is that a official kite flying hat?
I miss you guys!!!! Give the kids a big hug from me.
Are you still thinking coming to Nebraska in November??

Sue said...

Love the pictures. I'm just so happy to read a new posting. I had enough of Charlotte's plate. Did Anderson get a haircut? You must have the neatest scrapbooks!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you, Sue! That plate was getting really really boring! Nice to see pics of the kids :)

nicki said...

I don't know why my kids insist on wearing winter hats in summer. Like it's 100 degrees out, are you sure you want to wear that? OK. Don't forget your mittens. Want to borrow my ski mask?

Anderson got all of his little curls cut off. He looks so weird to me. Not weird as a person, just weird as in not our little cupie baby anymore.