Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Birthday count down gifts

I have received some interesting gifts these past few days.
Last Friday's gift said something about the finer things in life.

I opened the gift not knowing what to expect, it was an interesting
wall plate depicting an era in time that involved horses and carriages.
I'm still not sure where I'm going to hang that one, maybe in Charlotte's house.


The next day I opened a stuffed bear with the Libra emblem on it.

Followed by a chicken key chain. Sorry I don't remember what the clues given were.
Must be my old age that I can't remember.

Than I opened a gift that cracked me up.
Sister One's clue stated she couldn't agree more.

We laughed at this one.

This morning clue was it reminded her of dad's sweet peas. It was a tiny bud vase.

So somethings are useful, just not the butt ugly horse & carriage plate.

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