Friday, August 28, 2009

So Long Stormtrooper

Today was a sad day.
Penny, our beagle, finally died.


She was 12 years old near as we can remember.
Mary and I bought her for Mardell for a birthday.

We nicknamed her Stormtrooper because if we didn't close the front door, she could hit the screen door and push it open.  Then she was off and running.  She loved chasing coons and rabbits.  Once she got loose, you could hear her baying for miles.  She would spend the whole day patrolling the countryside if we didn't go retrieve her.  But for all of her adventures, she only met up with a rattler on two or three occasions.  We never had to take her in for stitches because of tears or bites from critters.   Chip, on the other hand, pretty much has a table with his name on it.


She has had stomach cancer  for about a year.  That was on top of the congestive heart failure that was diagnosed about five years ago.  She had been failing for the past week and we knew that she wasn't long for this world. 

So long, Stormtrooper.

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Mary said...

RIP dear will be missed!