Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day 39

Today's Clue read:
Memories of our child hood and of our summer.
I was at a loss of what it could be. Fire flies was the first thought
that popped into my mind and my oldest daughters. We chased
fire flies at Grandma Martin's house in July. But that should have
been the real tip off for me.
My youngest and I were sitting at the vanity getting ready this morning.
She brought the present to me and opened it up. Inside the tea bag box
was a Mullberry Candle.
I should have known.
We picked Grandma's mulberry tree clean as far as we could reach this summer.
When we were little and visited our great grandmothers farm, our first stop would be
the mulberry tree. Until our hands and mouths were purple, than we would move onto the raspberry bushes. Us kids were worse than a flock of black birds.
Thanks Trudy. I will think of you and both grandma's every time I light the candle.
Tomorrow's clue: To bring out the Martha or Julia in you.

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Mardell said...

I can hardly wait for each day to come and go to enjoy your comments about the surprise of each day. It will definitely bean interesting journey on the countdown to the big day.