Wednesday, August 26, 2009

We have another dog?

I always said we are a one dog house.

We had our beloved golden retriever Duchess for 11 years.
After she passed we had another golden named Max.
About three years into Max's tenure we agreed to let
Ginger a chocolate lab come live with us from a family member
who could no longer have her. She is now about 11 years old.
Max passed away last winter to cancer, even though
he was only five.
In May we adopted Tucker a complete mutt but lovable.
Too bad he wasn't trained better.

This morning I went to let the dogs into the house and
when I opened the door this is what I found:

Charlotte is the pig that was given to the girls after fair this year.
She is supposed to stay in her enclosed pen and house.
She is supposed to eat corn like all pigs do.
But she doesn't. She is constantly out and doesn't like her food.
I haven't discovered what she has been eating yet.
I guess she is confused and thinks of herself as a dog.
After all she wanted to come in with them this morning and
didn't understand when I shut the door on her.

She stayed on the porch and pouted instead.

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