Thursday, August 13, 2009

August Rush

Where has August gone? We are on the tail end of summer and I'm not to excited.

With the cooler weather this summer, it hasn't felt like summer at all.

The upside was I never turned the air conditioner on at home at all. Money saved.

The downside is my garden never really took off and produced much other than the ten million zucchini and weeds. If the frost stays away I might actually end up with one tomato out of my garden (I planted 10 plants this spring). We have gotten just a handful of cucumbers, but we have zucchini and weeds.

August started off with the girls getting ready for the county fair.

Both girls took steers for a project

Photo by Alliance Times Herald

Krista is the second girl in.

Photo by Alliance Times Herald

This was Dani's first year of showing livestock for 4-H

Photo by alliance times herald

Dani is on the left.

Junior Champion Showman! Beginner's luck?

Dani also showed two lambs.

Photo by Alliance Times Herald

She just did alright with her lambs, but that was okay.

After all we were just happy the lambs were still with us.

Fair was a busy, crazy week and we actually call it vacation.

But thanks to a good friend we borrowed a nice camper and didn't

have to drive the 30 miles back and forth each day.

Next we made a mad trip to Denver for mydoctor's appointment.

The highlight of the day was lunch at Joe's Crab Shack

It was fun and we each ate a big tub of crab meat.They had dun gee crab, snow crab, Alaska crab, sausage, corn, potatoes, shrimp, clams, etc.

It was wonderful!

Now that summer has wound down it's back to school.

Both girls start tomorrow. I'm so not ready for the routines to start again.

Or all the meetings, fundraisers, sporting events, etc. Does that make me a bad parent.

Wish I could turn back time it was June 1st again.

I can't believe all three of us sisters haven't posted for August yet.

I'm sure Sister Three is busy with her little ones.

You have now heard what Sister Two has been doing.

Now Sister One needs to tell her story and it's a good one.

As our beloved mother has moved in to Sister One's home to live.

The only thing that has moved in to our place to live is


I'm sure there will be stories to come about her or maybe some recipes.

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Anonymous said...

Phew!!! I was worried that the blogging had ceased. Thanks for sharing!