Friday, May 22, 2009

Litttle Bo Beep

by Sister Two:
Has lost her sheep!!!!!
And oh no can we can't find him?
Last evening was sheep weigh in for our county 4H program.
We traveled the 30 miles to the county fair to weigh in
daughter #2 two lambs.
Visited with 4H families we haven't
seen since last summer.
Had a nice evening.
Stopped at a local store and ordered a pizza.
Headed home for the thirty mile trip.
Arrived home and went to unload
her two lambs.
Back door was slid open and no sheep!!
Immeadately retraced our steps back to the
fairgrounds and home again.
No signs of where it happened and
no lambs.
Started calling all the folks that live along
this route asking to keep an eye out for them.
Received a phone call right after I got to work,
and one had been found. She is okay, just skittish.
An hour later received another call at work and
the he had been spotted, but is still running.
Have people out searching for him, as we speak.
Hope he is okay and will be caught soon.
Lesson learned:
Please remember to check all the gates on your trailers
to make sure they are secured and won't rattle open.
UPDATE: Both lambs have been found. Both appear to be doing good.
One has a little blood on him, but that could be from the fall (you know a moving horse trailer) or just a fence or branch he caught. They are home and all is well again.

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