Sunday, May 10, 2009

Life on a fish farm

I couldn't be the only sister who didn't live on a farm, so Andrew and  I took the plunge to country life. We're still getting used to the mud

And the occasional fishy odors.

But we like the little visitors who wander around nearby

And living in an exclusive, gated community. (Even if the gate is topped with barbed wire.)

There's a giant sand pile of real beach sand that the kids love.

Anderson breaks into dance when he sees it. 

He's busting out the Saturday Night Fever moves here.

And across the levy road, there are enough wildflowers to pick to make the average three-year-think they've died and gone to heaven. (Which, according to Isabella, is somewhere in the clouds and everyone up there jumps on trampolines all day.)

Anderson is determined to blow the petals off this flower. He's still figuring out the difference between dandelions and daisies.

Isabella is practicing her "He loves me, he loves me not" game.

It seems like the sunsets are prettier here. (Almost as nice as the beach.)

Here's a couple of shots of our house. It's twice the size of our duplex.

It's amazing what a difference an extra 700 square feet can make on a mom's sanity.

Of course, the kids would rather be outside hunting ladybugs

and strawberries.


SisterTwo said...

Oh Nicki, I love it. Now I know what I need to send Anderson..... dump trucks, tractors, etc. to play in the sand pile. I'm so jealous, we don't have a wild flower patch that pretty on our place. We have an occasional yucca plant and some years flowers will bloom for a short time. Of course until the cows eat them off.

Can't wait to see the next adventures. When Krista was little I would run the swather in the alfafa field, and she would need to use the "girls room." I could hardly get her back on the swather, because she would be picking up hundreds of lady bugs. Enjoy those moments, before you know it she will be going to her first semi formal dance at shcool.

mom said...

What an ideal life you have made. Love all the pictures and can't wait for more. I miss you guys so much.

Anonymous said...

Okay I have to ask. The picture of the live fish on the trailers states "for water only."

Umm, where else would you put live fish?