Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy May Day

Can you believe it's May 1st all day!

Yikes, where has the time gone?

My calendar is jam packed full of track meets,

programs and year end fun of

school activities. Looking at only three weeks

until ........ dare I say it out loud?

Here it goes....... summer vacation!

I'm sure teacher sister one is counting the milli seconds down.

I'm not looking forward to it.

The boredom, the boredom, the boredom.

No matter how many activities you sign them up for

during the summer, it always shows up.

So I have a plan.

Because feeding, bathing, walking their 4-H sheep and calves

won't keep them busy enough.

This past winter when we lost our beloved Max

to cancer, I told the girls they could get a puppy this summer.

Well guess what mom,

three weeks,

summer vacation,


We have had two goldens in our life

But both have died from cancer.

Dutch was 10 and Max only 5.

We also have a beloved Chocolate Lab- Ginger

She is going on 11 years old.

So I know she won't be with us forever either.

The choices are many-

I'm leaning towards a Border Collie.

Because you know how I like to get up and move.

I would really like to get one of these

Do you suppose I could find him at the pound?

Both the girls have the hearts set on this fella

Like I need more animal hair on my living room carpet.

Who could say no to face like this?

Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

How about a Jack Russell Terrier?

Mary said...

A puppy won't keep them from being bored!! hahaha Maybe you should get the big hairy one and ave them pick up every single animal hair off the living room floor every day....THAT will keep them from being bored!! I wish you luck this summer!!