Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Funny Fact

I was on the phone last night with Sister Three,
and she was updating me on her moving from the city
to the farm.
She told me her new homestead actually
lies across the county line.
I found this quite funny.
Do you suppose the kitchen is in one county,
and the bathroom in another county?
I can see it now:
Sister Three will ask her hubby what took
so long?
He will reply, " I had to go to
clear over to the xyz county"
When I was younger and had to share
a bedroom my older sister Jenny, we
would draw a line down the middle of the room.
Each drawer in the dresser was divided in two, instead of
each of just taking our "own" drawer.
It was really bad for the sister who
didn't have the side of the room with the door on it.
We fought like cats and dogs.
I'm still not sure why I had to share a room with her.
After all I had two other sisters to room with.
Another question from childhool without an answer.
Sister Three promised to post an update with
picutes of her house in the country. Just as soon
as she gets settled in and figures out what her address
is, so the internet guy can get it hooked up.

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