Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Medieval Times

Last week we were able to get in and see our new classrooms.
This is the south end of my new room.
It's very nice, but  I'm going to miss the wooden floors.
This is Vicki's classroom looking to the west ....
... and the view to the east.

Windows.  Ugh.

I love my basement classroom with the windows at the top of the wall.  
They let in plenty of natural light, but don't offer any distractions.
I've never had to contend with window distractions before.
Except when I was in school.  
You wouldn't believe everything that went on outside of Emerson. 
I watched Homer take Lucy out for a drive almost every day.  
Dr. Heimbouch left for the office at nine.  
Mr. Briggs took his dog for a walk after recess.  

 And I was a kid who paid attention in class. 
(At least I did in elementary school)
Now you know why I'm apprehensive about windows.

Somehow cows munching on corn stalks would seem
more interesting than doing our Colorful Language ...
which is essentially diagramming sentences.  
Can you believe we have first graders diagramming sentences?!

See how I've already digressed from the topic at hand
and there's nary a window in my computer room!

At any rate, this is a nook just inside my door that will be used for books.

I'll bet that surprises you.

Karen (my principal) watched us as we measured and muttered.
She missed out on the cussing and discussing how we 
are going to separate one collection of books into two rooms.

We think we have figured out how to manage all of the bookcases.
If we can fit the bookcases in, we can manage the books.

Did you notice the gross color in my room?
That's going to get changed.

A coat of paint and three or four
thousand books will make it seem like home.

Next year we are going to do a school-wide medieval theme.
Vicki and I already have some great ideas.
We're scary when we put our heads together!

We have doors that go directly to the playground.
I spent the week-end making the first of two banners to go on said doors.

I offered to help Sister Two cook for the branding,
but Martha didn't need me.

Isn't that door just boring and bland?
It will look much better with this on it!
Yes, I made that with my own two little hands.

Remember how I was teaching myself
paper piecing with the mariner's compass blocks?

Well, it sorta paid off.

I was able to take this:
and turn it into a block of a knight

and then a dragon.

Note, the butt in the corner:

When I put them together, I ended up with this:
Of course, I was not without help.
Lilly took it upon herself to guard my fabric.

But she did a lot of sleeping on the job!
Willowby (aka Momma San) kept my chair warm 
every time I got up to press what I had just stitched. 

I can hardly wait to get it sandwiched and quilted.

I'm trying to decide if I want to do the knight in red on the next one.
I'm leaning toward doing it in blue, just so that they are a bit different.

What do you all think?


Sue said...

I'm thinking purple for a knight. I am so very impressed. Where is your new school located??

Mom said...

Boy you guys have your work cut out for you! Can't wait to see it organized and done. I know it will be a fun room when finished.

You didn't mention the scrumpous meal you fixed for your mama on Easter that you did. I really enjoyed it and visiting with you.

Librarysherrie said...

I would love to work with you Trudy! I'll have to tell you about my poetry display when I see you and Mardell this weekend. Hope the weather doesn't get too bad, I'm looking forward to seeing you both!

Sister One said...

LibrarySherrie --- I'm hoping to get cabbage burgers made tomorrow night ... it's your turn!

Aunt Sue ---- thanks for the suggestion. I went and bought purple fabrics for the next one. It is going to be just as cool.

Jaala said...

I'm totally impressed! You sure you didn't pay to have Mrs. Reese to that for you??:-) It will def. make the door less-sterile.