Monday, April 13, 2009

Belated Easter Wishes

I hope everyone had a happy  weekend. 
In honor of Easter, I thought I'd post a picture of the best rabbit ever: Snickers!

Then I found this oldie of Easters past. I think this must have been Krista's second Easter. She looks about 18 months to me? (I don't know. I'm kind of bad with guessing ages and even worse at labeling pictures.)

She needed a nap after that chocolate rush. I think she kind of looks like Keith in this one.

I'm not sure when this one was taken, but it's been on my fridge for a while. 
(Justin?, Krista, Katie, and Alyssa)

And here's one of Krista & Dani when Dani was an uber-blonde.

I didn't want Trudy to feel left out, but I only have about three pictures of her.
(which is surprising since so many millions of them were taken when she was a youngster.)

I don't know when this was taken or who that baby is, but it looks like we are lying on a waterbed if that helps to set the time frame. Also, Trudy seems to be sporting an Alliance Swim Team Sweatshirt. And those gi-normous glasses on my face are making me think it was some time during my middle school years.

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Three Sisters said...

Wasn't Snickers just an awesome bunny rabbit. He thought he was a cat and hopped all over the place.
I'm not sure what year that picture was of Trudy or who the child is? A mystery.