Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Random Stuff

We drove out to Amador Flower Farm the other day and had a picnic. 

I was expecting fields of lavender, but apparently they specialize in day lilies which won't start blooming until June.  

They had some nice tulips though.

And some big fluffy sheep. Are those sheep or goats? I think they're sheep.

And we saw a mean llama.

Isabella liked climbing on the rocks, (although you can't see them in this picture.)

Anderson liked the turtles and the  frogs. (They're not as good as Trudy's big ol' bull frog though.)

Here's his turtle impression.

There were signs everywhere telling us to watch out for rattlers. 
Here's her cobra impression. She's our future yoga instructor.

We also saw a weird masked duck. 

I think this is a Muskogee. (sp?) 
They don't quack like the other ducks and they waddle really funny. Unlike regular ducks, who have barely laughable waddles.

Uncle Fred told Andrew and I about them once at the fair.
And here are some old pics I found of us at the fair. I think this is 2004.

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Mom said...

I love the picture of Izzy with her cap. It is adorable.

I think the one picture is of a goat...........