Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Plumber Is In

Sometimes I don't notice how much the kids have grown, but after our trip to the beach on Friday, it's apparent that Anderson is in the market for a new swim suit. 

My friend Megan thought he looked a little like the dad on the Incredibles when he tries on his supersuit after being out of the superhero game for a while.

Even if his suit is a little clingy, it's hard to notice when he's busting out his signature dance moves.

Everyone was all smiles after the long drive. 

The moms were all smiles because we were happy no one barfed on the long windy 101.

Plus, it's hard not to feel happy when everyone is zooming across the sand

or snuggling beneath their towels.

And if little Anderson decides against a career in dance, he can always find work as a plumber.


Sister One said...

The Incredibles ... too funny!

I can attest to how much the kids have grown --- especially Anderson. What cute kids.

Sue said...

I feel happy now!!!!!