Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Stock Tip

Buy stock in plastic!
We seem to own a lot of plastic.
Today was moving day.  
This is my CR-V filled with plastic stuff.
I think I like it better filled with green plants!

Yesterday was supposed to be moving day, but the detention center crew had to take down flags from Memorial Day, so our move was postponed.

Seven men spent seven hours moving our room.
It took three trips with this U-Haul.
Vicki did a superb job of supervising.
We even enslaved her grandson.
He was good help and didn't complain a bit.

Now, Vicki and I are another story ....
we complained a lot!
This is our area in the Lake Minatare gym.

Somehow it didn't look so bad in our classroom.

Next week we begin painting and cleaning out all of the treasures left behind from teachers since 1970.

I sure hope Dani wants some more glitter!

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