Monday, May 4, 2009

Hubby and Sister Two trade spots.... not really

by Sister Two:

The first signs of spring are

usually the return of the song birds to your yard.

At our house it's the processing of cattle and more cattle.

The branding of baby calves and more baby calves.

The smell of fresh turned dirt in the fields and fields.

The mud and dirt all over my floors, and floors, and floors.

It's the signs of a field coming to life for another growing season.

The John Deere green tearing up last

year's wheat crop, and planting

this year's corn crop.

Ahhh, spring in the country.

Oh, look at those straight rows.

Back and forth. Back and forth.

But wait, these aren't pictures of my farmer

hubby planting the fields.
These are pictures of the farmer's wife....
sister two planting the field.

Doesn't the farmer remember back to 1992?

When he had his then girlfriend drive a tractor

during harvest. Somehow unexplained to this day,

the girl friend backed into a horse tank

and flattened it.

Good thing the farmer has turned 40 and

doesn't remember the olden days.

Other wise he wouldn't have

trusted Sister Two with such an important job on

a Sunday afternoon.

Sister Two's husband actually trusted her with such a job!

Why is that such a surprise?

Hey wait, why is Sister Two's hands not on the steering wheel?

This might make the farmer husband think twice

about his decision to turn her loose on a

new John Deere tractor. Remember the horse tank episode?

He has faith in her, not because of her
better tractor driving skills 15 plus years later.
Because there is a little green circle with the
letter A in it. What does that got to do with anything you ask?

I was instructed not to touch the steering wheel.
Because the GPS system is driving the tractor, and if
you touch the steering wheel, it turns the system off.
No more straight, perfect rows.
Believe me the farmer wouldn't trust me without the
GPS System. Because there was also a another incident that
involved a cultivator, and my ability to not drive, walk, or jog a straight line.

All I have to do is run these levers, at the end of the field rows.

To lift the schlagel and planter up and

turn the tractor into position for the next pass.

Then turn the GPS System on again.

I keep an eye on the monitor to make sure

things are lined up.

These monitors tell me that

the fertilizer is being applied and the

corn seed is being planted.

Then I have to watch out the back

window to make sure the that the

balls are floating in both the left and right sides.

This also tells me that the fertilizer is being applied,

and the corn seed planted.

I think I want to trade my desk job in for the life of a farmer.

Any one hiring?


Sister One said...

GPS Systems?!!! I was so impressed with your rows and actually thought to myself, "Wow! Dad would have been so impressed." He was such a stickler for things being straight .....

Mardell said...

Wow! This absolutely puts Pioneer
woman to shame. You go girl!!!!

mom said...

Holy cow!! Your mother is very impressed too! And yes, dad would be right in the middle of all this. Wouldn't he have loved it. You need to have Uncle Fred checked it out. He critized dad's rows the most. But like dad explained, you get more corn or beans in a crooked row. :)