Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mousers in the Making

Some contents are a bit graphic.

Do not continue if you are eating --- 
especially if you are eating a cherry filled sweet roll .

And if you are eating a cherry filled sweet roll, you should send one to me because I'm very hungry and I'm sitting in a day-long data team meeting. Cherry filled sweet rolls don't seem to be on our eating plan at the present time.

Willowby has been an exceptional mother.

But look at the size of those fuzzy little critters!
She's getting very tired.

So she has been teaching the kittens the fine art of mousing.

She goes out and hunts a mouse (or vole or bird) and then brings it back to share.

The kittens are all eyes when she returns.

She proudly presents her gift and leaves them to figure it out.
There is a lot of interest from most of the litter.

But not from this character.  

She's a daydreamer and has better things to do than chew on a mouse.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch Little Fosnick is getting right down to business.
It almost makes you feel sorry for the mouse.


Fosnick has learned the fine art of playing with one's food.
But before long, she/he(?) gets down to business and begins chomping in earnest.

Finally, the dreamer has figured out this is a tasty little morsel and she is licking her lips.
Unfortunately, it's too late.  Fosnick growls and refuses to share.

Not to worry.  Mom brought more.

In fact, we decided to keep the kittens in the bathroom at night away from mom so that she could have a break.  She went out the pet door that first night so we were convinced we had made the right decision.  That is, until Mardell got up to go to the bathroom and discovered four dead mice lined up in front of the bathroom door.  Mama was trying to push them underneath to the babies so that they could eat.  We've given up trying to protect mom.  She's on her own now. 

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Sue said...

I love a good cat story - thumbs up!!!