Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sweet Scents of Spring

I love spring time.
I know this surprises you as I haven't stated this 4,569 times already.

I especially love spring when our trees and plants begin to bloom.

The plums are usually the first to bloom.
I love to stand on my back step and drink my morning cup
of Cowboy Coffee and take in the scent.

It's rather intoxicating.

But then a week later, everything else bursts into bloom.
The currants are especially laden this year.

This is from dad's plant.  I split it several years ago so we get hit from the north and the south with the sweet smell.
Our apple trees didn't bloom as prolifically as I would have liked.
In fact, we only had about a dozen blossoms.

That saddens me because as of yet I haven't
outwitted the local squirrel population.
I'm lucky to get one apple.

This year the sand cherry bushes bloomed.

These would be the same sand cherry
bushes that I planted ten years ago.

They died that same year.  No kidding.

Now they are like weeds .... on top of my septic tank. 
The other half is already lamenting about roots.

Unfortunately, this tree did not bloom ---
but I'm thrilled that it's leafing out.

It's my sweet cherry tree. 
Bing cherry trees won't thrive very well here,
but this particular type is intended for zone 4. 
We'll see. 

The jury is still out, but I'm encouraged.

We've had other surprises this year.

This peony appeared from out of the blue.
I believe it was planted about four years
ago and never amounted to anything.

I always figured the dogs laying on it had something to do with it.
At any rate, it was a pleasant surprise.

 About three weeks ago I ran into old friends,
Ingrid and Rick, at the Evil Empire.

Ingrid invited me over to get some perennials. 
I readily agreed, but then packing and moving took over my life.

But finally, the packing was over and
we were able to go see Rick and Ingrid.

When someone says to you, I have some perennials
that I'd like to share, you typically think you're
going to score maybe half a dozen to a dozen plants.

Not so with Ingrid.

We filled the back of the CR-V

and then we filled the back seat.
The best part is that we are going back for more on Thursday!

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