Thursday, December 4, 2008

For the first time in long time, I was scared to drive into town this morning.

When you live in the country you encounter all kinds of road conditions, ice, snow pack, ground blizzards, and of course all the wild life. I wasn't worried about any of that this morning.

Then there was that time last year, I thought I was loosing my mind, and truthfully what mother hasn't felt that way almost daily. My peripheral vision seemed kind of blurry when I would turn my head quickly. So I wouldn't turn my head quickly.

I was a little worried making the twenty mile trek to town each day. It took me a couple of days to realize I wasn't imaging things.

Then my whole world started spinning...... literally. Unexplained vertigo. The doctors ran all sorts of tests and wrote it off as an inner ear thing that happens.

In case you were worried, I wasn't driving at this point. I wasn't getting up off the couch at this point. One whole week flat on my back right before Christmas and my shopping wasn't even done yet! It wasn't all bad, I did get to watch Ellen everyday.

I got better and was able to drive again without worry.

No, I wasn't letting my 13 year old or my 8 year old drive in to town this morning. Like I would do that. Okay, maybe they have gotten a little more practice on ranch roads, than their friends have behind the wheel. So I wasn't scared because of that.

No after three long years of searching for just the right one..... we found it.

A new pick up!!

I was scared to drive it because it has soooooooo many gizmo's on it. I was scared to drive it because once upon a time you could have bought a house for the same price! Or the girls could get through a year or two of college for what it cost us.

So if you come upon a pick up driving slowly down the country roads don't laugh. It's just me trying to come to terms with our new purchase.


Anonymous said...

Way to go guys!! Enjoy. Mom

Sister One said...

How very, very cool! I can hardly wait for a ride in it ... even if we do only go ten miles an hour!