Thursday, December 18, 2008

Lucky ducky

There are some days I just feel like I'm spinning my tires,
when it comes to raising the girls.

It seems like I tell the same thing over and over and over.

A conversation that my girls and I had yesterday, left me a little reassured that they are hearing me.

This is kinda how it went:

"You know Mom that cell phones are really expensive. You are so lucky that you were able to find it!"

"Maybe we should just take away your phone and dad's, until you can learn to take care of it a little better! You are so lucky you found your phone."

As you have probably figured out I lost my phone yesterday. I had a sick feeling all afternoon, after I couldn't find it in my humongous size purse.

I just knew I lost it somewhere, and somebody had found it, and was calling China with it. (okay we don't have many Chinese relatives running around our small town).

I picked the girls up from school and went to drop them off at Aunt Sue's house, until I was finished at work. Immediately when I pulled up to her house, I spotted it!

To my horror this is where I found it.

And yes that is exactly where my truck was parked when I dropped it, drove away and went on with my day. Look again at this photo and see that it is a narrow one way street.
How in the world no one drove over it is beyond me!
A Christmas miracle probably.

Now that was pretty minor lost and found story..... Keith's is another.

You see about a month or so ago, we were processing cattle on a Sunday afternoon. So it was Keith, Krista, Dani and myself.

We were covered in mud, but it was a fairly nice day.

Keith realized he had dropped his phone somewhere, but where.

We started looking and looking and looking.

I had given it up for the lost forever.

But Krista is a super sleuth

You wouldn't believe where she found it.

Just minutes before this photo was snapped.

This alley was full of 600 pound calves all squeezed into this little spot.

Not wanting to move anywhere. Keith had hopped in there without the hotshot, because Krista kept dropping it in the ankle deep mud. They don't work so good after that.

His phone must have fallen out of his pocket when he was pushing the cattle.

How she found it in inches of poop and mud is beyond me.

Keith's phone is a LG Scoop phone, and now appropriately named the LG Poop phone.

But it still works! That must have been our Thanksgiving miracle.

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Mardell said...

I wanted to hold my breath when you got to the part about hunting for Keith's phone. Ugh! Yes, I too, don't know how you ever found it. This reminds me of the time someone in this house drove the CRV off the road into a muddy ditch and lost her phone in the mud there. AND, yes, she too found it sometime later. Miracles come in odd packages sometimes.