Thursday, December 4, 2008


What does your family do for decorating the house for the Christmas season? Lots of lights outside? Garland strung everywhere? A big beautiful Christmas tree? Live or artificial? Will your house be full of Christmas cheer everywhere?

My question is how many Christmas trees do you decorate in your home and is it a real or artificial?

Both my sisters are laughing hysterically right now. They know how many Christmas trees I put up and decorate. But as of right now, I have zero done in my house!!

It's December 4th already........ and I have exactly 21 days and counting to get my house decorated for Christmas! Presents need to be bought and wrapped. Plans need to be made. 14 dozen cookies need to be baked for all the programs at school, church and every where in between. Christmas cards are still in the box waiting for a cheerful message and to be mailed.

Hello Santa, I need a little help here.

So tell me where are you on the whole Christmas thing?

I will post pictures after this weekend after I get all my stuff done.

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Sister One said...

You have to understand that Sister Two usually has a tree in every room ... including the BATHROOM! She's a little over the top. Her house pukes Christmas --- right down to the shower curtain. I think she channels Martha.

Sister Two .... we are going to a cookie exchange on Saturday --- call me on Sunday and I'll let you know how many dozen we can contribute. We like to participate in it, but we'll never, ever eat all of them. Two years ago I ended up taking them into school for the vultures. We'll probably have at least eight dozen to offer you .... with plenty left over for my little vultures.

You mean you're supposed to mail the cards. I thought they just stayed in the box and reproduced each year.

As for Christmas trees ... it will be one and only one. It will be fake and it will probably stay up until March like always.