Friday, December 12, 2008


Hey, how's it going? I've been meaning to post some pics of our Thanksgiving trip, and I finally have a few minutes to finally get to it.  For the last two years, we have skipped the cooking and gone to the beach instead. It's way better than doing dishes.  

We love this place called Motel Inverness. (Andrew made the reservations the first year and I didn't have high expectations, but it ended up being really great. )

There are a lot of pretty little gardens all around

and places for the kids to run around. (The owners have a little one that's a few months younger than Anderson. )

And it is right in the middle of a bird sanctuary.
Here's the view from our patio:

You can walk out on the pier and watch the egrets and pelicans

There's a little house to sit and meditate and watch the animals.

There was not a great deal of meditating going on, but it was still a nice view. 

We had a little humming bird that visited outside our window.

And there were plenty of leaves to gather and jump in.

And flowers to pick

and this cute fuzzy caterpillar
Someday, we could do a little reunion here! I won't hold my breath, I'm just trying to plant the seed.


Sue said...

Oh I love your pictures and I want to come!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures!!! Your kids are pretty darn cute too! Sounds like a wonderful place.