Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cup Cake

Last week was Catholic Schools week at my daughter's school.
Each class each had a service project they completed that week.
The third grade class held a cup cake fundraiser.
With all proceeds going to the the Ponderosa Search and Rescue Team.
The organization visited the school, explaining how
the search animals (dogs & horses) are used for
search and rescue situations.
So my mission was to make a 24 cup cakes.
and turn them into something creative. Something fun.
Something the kids would buy up quickly, and support a good cause.

Frogs are cute. Frogs are creative. What kid doesn't
like frogs?

I used marshmallows to make the eyes. Along with a dollop of black frosting.

I used red frosting for the mouth with a strip of fruit roll up.

What do you call more than one frog? A herd ? A school ? A gaggle?

Anyone know?


Mary said...

I depend on google FAR too much! So...knowing google would know....I did a search....its an ARMY of frogs! LOL Check this website to find what a group of just about anything is called! http://www.npwrc.usgs.gov/about/faqs/animals/names.htm

Sister One said...

I'm sure glad that Sister Two is picking up the slack in posting! I'm headed to the Colorado Reading Conference for the rest of this week. Once I'm back, I'll post about Froglegs' basketball tournament and about how much fun I had at the conference.

SisterTwo said...

It's a good thing that the cupcakes only went for 50 cents. Because there is green frosting and sprinkles everywhere!

Mom said...

How cute. That frosting would be great on Blarney Stones too.