Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Life is like a Cake Walk

We held our annual county 4-H Fun Day this past week end.
Once again all the kids had a great time.

In years past I helped in the food booth,
so I didn't make it around to the penny carnival booths.
But this year I helped run the booths.
You could shoot baskets, play plinko,
have a pillow fight, or have your face painted.
Just to name a few of the booths.
The 4-H club my family is involved with ran the
cake walk.
I never realized before that people really want to win
a cake. Some really want to win more than one cake.
It was a busy booth all night long.

As was the duck pond.....

and putt-putt golf.
Our club also ran the local jail....

but I think the deputies must have been
trained in Mayberry.

As the door is wide open,
and they are easily distracted.

Of course the kids didn't seem to care.
They were having a grand time.

This great cake was won by daughter #1.
I think the 4-Her who made this cake,
could guest star on
the Food Networks Ace of Cakes show.
It was really neat!

(and must have tasted good also as it was missing a few pieces last night).

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Mardell said...

Mothers are truly members of the super woman set as evidenced by your oh, so busy life. I am always amazed at how much can be fit into a day. Congratulations on your 4-H efforts. It is so good for our children.