Friday, February 6, 2009

Frog Leg's Quilt

Aunt Trudy out did herself once again.
She hand made another present for Dani.
This time it was a colorful lap quilt. Handmade with love.
Aunt Trudy and Dani have secret nicknames for each other.
Okay maybe not secret, but Aunt Turdy calls her Frog Legs.
And Dani calls her Aunt Turdy (it's quitled on the first quilt she made her). Turdy, Turdy, Turdy.
(if I was still six and called her that name I would have been dead meat by now).
Because I borrowed a digital card for my camera, at the last
basketball game from Trudy. I have the step by step
pictures of the quilt. So get prepared for my
quilting expertise.
First step:
Pick out the brightest fabric you can find.
That way you will be seeing double, cross eyed frogs hopping around. Sew all layers together.
and still more frogs..... aren't they cute
Step two: Cut the brightly colored stripes in perfectly straight lines. Be sure not cut completely through all layers ( or your fingers). Might not be a good time to stop for a drink.

Step Three: Finish cutting with scissors, be sure to grab the dullest pair you own. It makes it more fun when cutting.
Okay, now it's time to stop for a drink.

Step Four: Blink your eyes several times, say a few
colorful words to go with the colorful quilt. Breathe a sigh of
relief, that you only have three nieces and two nephews. Take another drink or two.
Step Five: Pull the fabric back to reveal the first layer of fabric.
Repeat many, many times until all lines are "frayed"
Step Six: Finished frog legs quilt.
Isn't this the neatest, brightest, froggiest quilt ever?

This would have been the part, where I showed you
a picture of Dani receiving the blanket from Aunt Turdy,
but somehow I haven't found the picture on my computer.
As soon as I find it, I will post it, and Turdy please feel free to
edit this post with step by step instructions.
Aunt Turdy my birthday is October 6th.


Anonymous said...

I love the bright colors!! How gorgeous!! Dani is so lucky to have TWO, count them, TWO handmade projects from Aunt Turdy. Your BD may be Oct.6 but mine is THIS month. Hint, hint, hint.

Anonymous said...

It is VERY beautiful!!