Thursday, February 12, 2009

Do We .....

.... look like seemingly normal people?

Do we strike you as out of our minds?

Do we strike you as senseless fools?
(The Sisters need not answer this)

Do we look like soft pushovers with an inability to say no?
(Okay, you don't need to answer this question either.)

Meet Dewey.

Or perhaps his name is going to be Wesley.

But whatever his name is .... we must be out of our ever-lovin' minds!

But really, who could blame us?

He is just the cutest little papillion.
Who cares if he is a runt?

Who cares if his ears are too little?

Who cares if he is done growing and is smaller than our cats?

Now, we want to hear what you think his name should be .....

Dewey ---- named after Melville Dewey, the genius behind the Dewey Decimal System of classification for libraries


Wesley ---- named after Mardell's dad. 
We named our other black papillion Walter
which was her dad's first name.

So we thought we might use her dad's middle name for this little guy.

Of course we would welcome any other suggestions as well.

 We already shot down Walter Raleigh, Walter Winchell and Walter Reed.


Mom said...

I just knew you would be posting tonight. hee hee.

What did everyone think of your new baby? Which cat adopted him? You'll have to post a picture of Westley and Chip together so the others can see the size difference.

Mary said...

I think he shouldbe named Wesley, but I think he should come live with my monster cats in Longmont! He would fit in just fine in our house. Just because the boy wants aa big dog does not mean I would!! What a cutie! But are insane for getting this little guy!!

Anonymous said...


p.s. you a dork for getting another mouth to feed.

Three Sisters said...

At least it is a small mouth. He does think that he rules the roost though. He has put Chip in his place once or twice.

Mary said...

Maybe he can give the boy some lessons in place putting!!

Jaala said...

Dewey...he could be the classroom mascot since the kids tell me he'll be there a couple days a week, and after all, 'you're classroom is in the library', so the name 'Dewey' fits. However; I'm thinking Goliath would name him "Morsel". :-)

Three Sisters said...

We had considered naming him David so that we could have David and Goliath. Dewey and Goliath both sleep with me at night and believe me it is a funny sight when they stand up next to each other. Goliath isn't too sure about him yet. He still does a low throat guttural ... not quite a growl, but not exactly friendly either. Doesn't bother Dewey, he just bellies up to him and licks his nose. I'm afraid Morsel is exactly what Goliath is thinking.