Thursday, February 19, 2009

Friday Flashback

Once upon a time there was a young, energetic woman
who coached track at a rural school.  Her team desperately
needed equipment and a shot put/discus ring. Unfortunately
there was no money in the budget for such luxuries.

Since her concerted efforts at winning the lottery have yet
to pay off, she had to get creative and come up with a fund-raiser
that would raise a sizable amount of money in a short amount of time. 

The most important part that she forgot to add was
"with a minimal amount of work".

She probably won't make that mistake again.

She had the bright idea to hold a cabbage burger sale.
It had been done at another rural school where she had worked.
It couldn't be that hard.

  Each trackster could sell cabbage burgers by the dozen. 
She figured if they each sold five dozen, they could buy
a practice ring and some shot puts and discuses.  

It was an ideal set-up.  The kids would do the selling and she would enlist the help of every person that she could even remotely call a friend.  With twenty some kids out for track, they'd sell maybe 50 or 60 dozen. 

No problem, she had five or six really good friends.
They could kick those out in an afternoon.

Probably with their eyes closed ....
and their hands tied behind their backs.

Did anyone mention how cocky this young woman was?

That changed when she realized that her team had pre-sold 226 dozen.
Yes, 226 DOZEN cabbage burgers.

For the mathematically challenged, that is 2,712 cabbage burgers.

She and six of her closest friends and relatives slaved for three week-ends making cabbage burger after cabbage burger.

After they were done, she had a beautiful shot put/discus ring.

She had six additional shots.

She had two wooden and metal discuses that
were the envy of all the other country schools.

She had new track shirts for every track kid.

But alas, she had no really good friends left.

She swore there was no way in
that she would ever make another cabbage burger as long as she lived!

One should never say never.

Remember Mary's friend?
Tara Simpleton?

Yeah, the one suffering from a severe case of CDO.

She went with us (Mardell, Mary and I) to a quilt show.

This would be at a time when Mary was in the closet with her quilting habit, but that's another story for another day.

At any rate, after walking around looking at hundreds of quilts Tara decided she was hungry so she went to the concession stand and bought a cabbage burger for $8 or $9.

It was a bit disappointing to say the least. 

It was about the size of a small hamburger bun.
A very small hamburger bun.

It had sesame seeds on top of it.
I've never seen sesame seeds on a cabbage burger. 

I offhandedly remarked that mine were better
and someday I'd make her some.

Yeah, right--- when pigs fly.
Well, it seems that Ms. Simpleton has had a tough week.

What says, "Hang in there, we're thinking about ya"
better than cabbage burgers?

So I caved in even though Hades hasn't frozen over.

I made cabbage burgers to send over to her.  
Mardell is going over tomorrow for a quilt class
and she is going to deliver them.

Of course I pictorially documented the whole process
and will post it this week-end.
Simply because I struggle to find topics to ramble on about.

In the meantime, everyone send Ms. Simpleton happy thoughts.

And let her know just how loved she is
because I don't make cabbage burgers for just anyone!


Mary said...

Making me tear up before work is not cool!! She will love them! You rock!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are a good friend. But I don't think you have ever made me cabbage burgers.

Librarysherrie said...

Cabbage burgers! She loved them (when I got to her house she took me to the fridge to show them off!) and I didn't hear one word about sharing. Who raised that kid?

Bless you! Wish you could have joined us last night. There were several spirited readings of "Jamberry" and little Ben loves the book already.

Tara "Simpleton" said...

Trudy...words escape me. You are the best! They are hands down the best cabbage burgers I have ever eaten. Mary has brought many blessings into my life and you and Mardell are right at the top of that list. Thank you so much.

Sister One said...

Library Sherrie ---- I still have some filling left --- I evidently thought I was making them for an army. At any rate, I'll make some up the next time Mardell has class and send them to you. Then you can choose not to share!