Friday, June 19, 2009

Camp Norwesca

Everyone in our family has been to Camp Norwesca at one time or another.

Sister One went for Camp Fire camp and was actually a counselor there during one semester of college.  Mardell came from eastern Nebraska to go to band camp there.

Sister Two went for Camp Fire as well.  She also went for the sixth grade trip.

Sister Three probably went for Camp Fire.  But I know she went for the sixth grade trip because I was a camp counselor while she was there.  Man, that was a long time ago!

And now another generation is enjoying the rustic beauty.

Sister Two called me the other day and said that she had a "really big favor" to ask of me.  Could I please, please take Dani to camp?  Umm, let's see .... painting or taking a road trip?  It wasn't a hard decision --- especially since Pat's Creative is on the way home!

Dani was uncharacteristically quiet on the drive up.  She only spoke up to say "Bug Slug"
and to tell us that she saw a flock of wild turkeys.
We missed the wild turkeys --- the only turkey we saw was in our back seat!
It wasn't long at all before we were pulling into the driveway to the camp.
Dani got all of her stuff out of the back.
This was all for an overnight camp. 
Can you imagine how much she'd take for a week?

We followed the signage
to the main lodge
where Dani signed in.
Then we took her stuff to the cabin.
She was in Cabin Six, home of the Wolf Pack.
The boys were in the top cabins and the girls in the lower cabins.
Dani chose a bottom bunk, which really surprised me.
Then it was back to the main lodge for the rest of the activities.
We passed what served as the craft cabin when I went to Norwesca.
The dinner bell was still intact as well.
I still like the little chapel in the trees.
She didn't waste any time getting started on the activities.
"You can go now.  You've served your purpose."
She didn't actually say this, but I know that she was thinking it!
And to think this is a child who would scream non-stop whenever her mom left her as a toddler!

After completing our appointed task, we were off to Chadron's Evil Empire, which isn't at all evil.  I actually like their store.  I would shop there all the time if it was closer.  It's a good thing it isn't --- it cost me $100 just to take Dani to camp!

I hit the garden center because two full loads of periennials from Ingrid wasn't enough.

I found a juncus plant.
I also got a bee balm, a huge Shasta Daisy, and some more strawberries.

Their plants were absolutely beautiful.

But our real purpose for going to the Evil Empire was to get our favorite treat.
There is nothing better than a frozen Coke.

Except maybe, two frozen cokes.

Then we hit the highway and headed for the quilt store.
We saw this coming down the road.

Twelve times, no less.
I can't begin to imagine where twelve huge tanks were headed.

It was a great trip and I can't wait to see Dani to hear all about it!


SisterTwo said...

When I attended Camp Fire camp it was at the Riverside Park in Scottsbluff. I did however attend Camp Norwesca in the sixth grade.

Sister 3 said...

I'm having a flashback of accidentally putting my elbows on the table and having to run around it three times during dinner. . . this is not a horses stall, but a first class dining hall. round the table you must go, you must go. I frickin' hated camp now that I think about it.

Mom said...

Add two more generations........I went to camp there. Never have been so homesick!! I also was a conseulor two years too. Aunt Sue went there and Grandma Lou went also as a leader.

SisterTwo said...

She returned home from camp tired but with lots of stories. First thing Saturday morning we headed out so she could run in a 5K race with a friend of the family.
She finished at 33 minute mark. Yeah Frog Legs.